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To all users and peers of YAC,

First of all, we deeply regret about the MalwareBytes (MWB) – YAC Anti-Malware (YAC AM) incident in March 2015.

With the purpose of making a thorough protection to users and flagging out as more potential malware as possible, we took many measures while there used to be a problem in the operation procedure of YAC AM product, referring to the MWB’s scan results and recording it into YAC AM database based on the collected samples, which caused a negative influence and made MWB side feel uncomfortable. We feel so sorry about it and we deeply apologize for all the inconvenience it may bring.

We agree that all technological achievements should be respected. And the persons, who are responsible for the procedure and the product, have already been dismissed and the data related to MWB have already been removed both in the first time we received the email from MWB and we accept all users’ supervision on it.

For YAC AM product, it integrates a 3rd party scan engine-Avira and also has its own OEM to provide a better clean and anti-malware service. We hope to provide the most powerful tools to our users in removing any potential danger such as trojan, malware, virus and providing an all-round safe on-line experience.

YAC team respects every product and their teams in this industry. We promise we will follow the industry rules strictly and accept any supervision here. Welcome to be a supervisor of us!

YAC: A Trusted Download Program by TRUSTe

We cannot wait to share this good news to all of YAC fans that YAC (Yet Another Cleaner) is provisionally certified as a Trusted Download Program by TRUSTe!!! You could find YAC here in their web.

TRUSTe is a leading global Data Privacy Management (DPM) company and powers trust in the data economy by enabling businesses to safely collect and use customer data across web, mobile, cloud and advertising channels.

Recently, the YAC (Yet Another Cleaner) application has been tested by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe’s TDP program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of personal information.

TRUSTe’s mission, as an independent third party, is to accelerate online trust among consumers and organizations globally through its leading privacy trustmark and innovative trust solutions.

It is such a long way in being a leading antimalware and cleaner for our users throughout the world and this certification is such an amazing gift for all our hard work and we will become more and more encouraged to make YAC a better product under all of your support!


A Letter From YACVPN User:Luke

My name is Luke, one user of YAC VPN.

I used free YAC VPN for about 5 mins in the trail version and was very impressed by it. The speeds are about the same as my ISP gives me.

I also like the fact that that it gives me the spead that is coming through the VPN .. OK it’s a small thing but without that I would not have known i was on the VPN.

Then someday I found an activity from which I could get a free VPN code so I joined it without hesitation.

Here is so far my feedback about it:

It is absolutely awesome! I have used the VPN like I use my normal connection and cannot complain…. It lets me use youtube flawlsessly… plays games flawlessly…. everything with it is like my normal connection…

Good job guys! Hope you will make YAC VPN a better and better product for us!


YAC Story-Corrado

My name is Corrado and I’m a premium user of Yet Another Cleaner.

Being travelling for several months, I had big problems of computer virus.

I bought this software YAC by surfing the net and asked user support for some help since I could not manage to remove the stubborn Cinema Video1.8V30.04 and HD4Good.

They reached me on skype first and suggested to launch a remote operation to solve it for me.

The agency asked an engineer to get in touch with me. He was so professional that after reaching my situation, he removed these viruses successfully in several mins.

I’m really grateful for this gesture (he was not obliged to do so). For this reason, I will remain faithful to their good services.

In the end of our communication, they told me that “Whenever you meet problems on your PC, please donot be hesitate to contact us!”

At the moment, I really want to thank for their kindness to help their users and their responsibility for work!

I will recommend YAC to all of my friends and I hope you will have a more and more bright future-YAC!


One Letter from YAC Fan:Lain

I am writing to say *Thank You* for retrieving and forwarding my Activation Codes. I am a *BIG* fan of YAC and am 61 years of age, so I anticipate I have a few years yet to enjoy using the YAC software.

Also, congratulations to everyone on the fact that YAC is doing so well. It is a beautifully designed program, definitely the best and *smartest* I have used so far.

Here Is My Feeling About YAC Currently:

None *really* performed the way they claimed they would, and many of them simply did what you could do with Windows services anyway, just not at the click of a button, especially in early days.

YAC has been the *fastest* of them all, and most complete, i.e., when it came time to reboot. you could noticeably tell the speed had increased dramatically without viewing the screen report.

YAC is also not only intuitive, it is intelligent, ensuring that wanted programs that contain suspicious signatures don’t get erased and giving the operator an opportunity to say yes or no to a file clean request.A very welcome and *works better than the competitions* addition.

YAC overall seems to perform a more complete targeting of issues that impair speed and functionality than most other like-programs, and this was evident from the very beginning, existing in the FREE versions that could be used with WinXP and Win7.

Here Is My Wish For YAC In The Future :

If I could make a serious suggestion for YAC. Every single winning program out there has ruined its *likeability* with user by employing *overkill* when updating/upgrading their programs. They start out with a very good program, and then dump many extra features which is good if they are useful, but some of them are not, and this critically changes the format of the original program and making it unrecognizable to the version that original users liked and purchased. This results in the original user maybe purchasing one more version, sometimes accidently (auto signup for purchasing/renewal) and bailing at the first opportunity, going on to something else. Please don’t do that to YAC.

If you keep YAC user friendly, maintain at least some of its original GUI, and keep it *personal* (as you have introduced it), then you will have a better all-around success in satisfying customers. I speak as one of those out here in the ranks that actually *use* these programs, and I can say that most barely-technical types like myself feel the same way. We like continuity of the original experience. Oh, YAC also has a very good self-updating Anti-Malware addition. It was evident from the very beginning that the author(s) of YAC wanted to make an superior program and did so – beautifully! Definitely out-classes the competition! In closing, Thank You for your kind note. It was a surprise to hear from you, and I hope I have been of some assistance, however small,

Lain Jones YAC User

A Thank You Letter To Our User: Furkan

On April 16, we received the feedback from your side who had some problems with your PC.

We wrote back immediately asking for more details and then received your quick response.

Since it was hard to describe the issue, you kindly agreed on our suggestion to see the real environment on your PC.

You  added me on skype on April 21 then the remote operation started immediately.

Our dedicated engineer Flhawker was responsible for this operation, with your carefully demonstration of problem, Flhawker understood the whole situation quickly and started his work.

After investigation, Flhawker found that all the files in your PC were infected, all the folders were hidden and were shown a fixed size thus the fact that folders had no size as normal. It took hours to remove the virus and restore all the infected files. During the whole remote connection, your were so patient and kept waiting without any complaint, we really appreciate your valuable trust and consideration.

As a young team, we know that we still have a lot of work to be done, and still do not good enough. However, since we get some many precious users just like youwho give our team and product totally trust and support, we will always contribute 100% energy to make YAC a much better product.

In order to express our appreciation for your kindly support and trust,  Furkan, I will send you one code for YAC VPN which costs $65.95, it is is just a small gift for your help and cooperation. I hope you will like it.

Thank you for your cooperation and kindness,Furkan. You provide us such a precious chance to overcome the issue for you and we feel happy to earn your trust.

Wish you all the best,my friend!  1111111111

Moe from YAC team


Above is a thank you letter for our precious user: Furkan.

As a young brand,YAC team will keep on fighting and serving all our users on our way to be a better product, welcome to become a member of YAC family!

If you have any suggestions about YAC, welcome to write to us:

YAC Story-Nanyo

One day I (Nanyo)was searching for a good antivirus and optimization program in the internet. I was using some others before, but I needed something fresh. I was advised by one friend to install it (that friend is called Nanyo – he carries the same name as me ).

Then I found YAC, I can say that as a programmer, medium level – this is truly awesome software – I know the concept of how the antivirus programmes work and YAC was if not perfect, then exceptionally good in the most standards.

I have been using YAC for about 7-8 months.

Since my friend loves YAC so much so I decide to WIN one code for him.

For the YAC support team,I know only one person – Moe. I think she is awesome she is trying really hard to help me with every silly problem I have.

I offered the YAC team to translate the programme into Bulgarian for one serial number and I did it!

During the translation,I had some problems. The main one was time, it was pretty hard inthe beginning, but now I am getting used to it.

The trasnlation work is still launching and I really look forward for seeing my translation– I am giving my very best to make it sensible. I have one thing to share – Be as awesome as you are now!

Now, I have already recommended YAC to everyone I know.

Best wishes for you all!

YAC Story-René

On December 2014, I (René Mendel) realized that my laptop was infected with the e-deal “virus”.

I hurried to look for a solution to solve the problem. I came across YAC when I searched on internet and installed the free version.

However, the problem still was not solved, I tried to consult them and found their e-mail address on the YAC official site.

I wrote an e-mail to asked how to get rid of the irritating e-deals popup. I got a friendly mail advised me to upgrade YAC to the latest version and activate the AD BLOCK function.

Finally, the problem got solved.

Several days later, they followed up with an email, kindly asked me whether the problem was solved and if I have any advices on YAC.

However, I replied them why YAC has not a Dutch translation, not so convenient for me to use. I asked if there was a Dutch version available.

I got the answer that aDutch translation could not be offered temporary. I offered helping to make one.

Helping is in my nature. I put a lot of time in the translation. It is not easy to meet my high standards for translation.

Along with this experience, I could imagine how the YAC team took the efforts within YAC, making it as good software, especially with users experience as users speak different languages.

The YAC team offered me an activation code for the premium version as bonus in return. Hoping to see one day YAC could launch a version within the Dutch translation.

Finally I wish when people view the Dutch home page they can read it in clear Dutch instead of machine language.


New features for YAC version 6.0

Hello, all the YAC fans.

We are happy here to share you our new YAC 6.0 version , we have added YAC Wifi feature, a new and hot feature we just release.

As a easy-to-use tool, the users can turn their computers into a WiFi hotspot and share the internet connection to any other devices including computers, mobile phones and tablets.


As the screenshot shows, it is easy to find the entrance of this feature and after clicking on it, you will reach the interface as belows:


It is easy to customize your wifi name and password here.Wifi password usually contains 8- 16 numbers or letters.

If you have any suggestions on this feature, please donot be hesitate to tell us your opinion via

YAC team is right here waiting for your voice.

YAC Team


New features for YAC version 5.8

Hey, all the YAC fans.

We are happy here to share you our new YAC 5.8 version. In this version, we have improved the ad block feature and made it more friendly and efficiently during its work

When you’re surfing the internet with the ad block feature on, you will absolutely not see any advertise and will be able to see the accurate position of ad on the current page which

makes the ad block feature clearer.



Like the screenshot shows, when YAC blocks an ad for you, the former ad position will show a container like this.

Once you click on the YAC logo, you will be able to see a detailed description of YAC ad block feature and more guideline.

YAC Ad Block, as a fully customized solution, also provides an option to disable.

You can just click the “Turn off” option button in the Ad Block session to get all ads back.

If you have any suggestions on this feature, please donot be hesitate to tell us your opinion via

YAC team is right here waiting for your voice.

YAC Team