Monthly Archives: January 2014

Why should YAC live


Hi,Dear YAC user,

thank you for coming into our YAC blog.

 In this first post, I would like to share with you a little bit about who we are and what we are trying to do.

Our YAC team is gathered from a group of young and dedicated engineers, and we start our YAC with a simple but big dream: To save all of users around the world from the endless attack of virus, adware, malware as well as anything that may do harm for user’s PC. We know that this dream sound too big especially for a small engineer team like us, but we firmly think we could get there if we put 200% of energy into our work,and the most important thing is that we have you, all of the YAC users around world, your like and dislike of our product feature, your demand or suggestion of our  YAC function, even a "think you" feedback, all of these will become our endless fuel, and make us know that we are not along on the dream pursing path.

So, please kindly accept our invitation for joining our YAC family,

let us make the widest dream come true together!

YAC is free, and always will be.

Your YAC team