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New features for YAC version 4.9.61

Hi, all the YAC fans.

We are happy to share you our new YAC 4.9.61 version. In this version, we have made two new improvement, let us see it in details.

1. A new interface for YAC “Protection” function.


As the screenshot show, in the YAC “Protection” function, you can set your wanted browser , homepage and search engine into default and then YAC will protect it from any other maliciously hijack. And in the new interface, we also design it to  become more user-friendly to use. We wish that this new interface would help you better protect your browser.

2. “Recovery” function to unblock the blocked program or website


As the screenshot show, after enter into “Recovery” function, you can see “Block & Trust”  as well as “History” model. In the ”Block & Trust” model, you can find all the blocked program and website there and click “remove” button to release them. In the “History“ model, you can see all the YAC operation record there, so you can clearly see what operations YAC have run on your PC.

If you get any suggestion or concern about the new features, please leave  your comment in this post, or send us email to

Your valuable feedback and suggestion would definitely help us make YAC better.

Please feel free contact us.

Your YAC team