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A Thank You Letter To Our User: Furkan

On April 16, we received the feedback from your side who had some problems with your PC.

We wrote back immediately asking for more details and then received your quick response.

Since it was hard to describe the issue, you kindly agreed on our suggestion to see the real environment on your PC.

You  added me on skype on April 21 then the remote operation started immediately.

Our dedicated engineer Flhawker was responsible for this operation, with your carefully demonstration of problem, Flhawker understood the whole situation quickly and started his work.

After investigation, Flhawker found that all the files in your PC were infected, all the folders were hidden and were shown a fixed size thus the fact that folders had no size as normal. It took hours to remove the virus and restore all the infected files. During the whole remote connection, your were so patient and kept waiting without any complaint, we really appreciate your valuable trust and consideration.

As a young team, we know that we still have a lot of work to be done, and still do not good enough. However, since we get some many precious users just like youwho give our team and product totally trust and support, we will always contribute 100% energy to make YAC a much better product.

In order to express our appreciation for your kindly support and trust,  Furkan, I will send you one code for YAC VPN which costs $65.95, it is is just a small gift for your help and cooperation. I hope you will like it.

Thank you for your cooperation and kindness,Furkan. You provide us such a precious chance to overcome the issue for you and we feel happy to earn your trust.

Wish you all the best,my friend!  1111111111

Moe from YAC team


Above is a thank you letter for our precious user: Furkan.

As a young brand,YAC team will keep on fighting and serving all our users on our way to be a better product, welcome to become a member of YAC family!

If you have any suggestions about YAC, welcome to write to us:

YAC Story-Nanyo

One day I (Nanyo)was searching for a good antivirus and optimization program in the internet. I was using some others before, but I needed something fresh. I was advised by one friend to install it (that friend is called Nanyo – he carries the same name as me ).

Then I found YAC, I can say that as a programmer, medium level – this is truly awesome software – I know the concept of how the antivirus programmes work and YAC was if not perfect, then exceptionally good in the most standards.

I have been using YAC for about 7-8 months.

Since my friend loves YAC so much so I decide to WIN one code for him.

For the YAC support team,I know only one person – Moe. I think she is awesome she is trying really hard to help me with every silly problem I have.

I offered the YAC team to translate the programme into Bulgarian for one serial number and I did it!

During the translation,I had some problems. The main one was time, it was pretty hard inthe beginning, but now I am getting used to it.

The trasnlation work is still launching and I really look forward for seeing my translation– I am giving my very best to make it sensible. I have one thing to share – Be as awesome as you are now!

Now, I have already recommended YAC to everyone I know.

Best wishes for you all!

YAC Story-René

On December 2014, I (René Mendel) realized that my laptop was infected with the e-deal “virus”.

I hurried to look for a solution to solve the problem. I came across YAC when I searched on internet and installed the free version.

However, the problem still was not solved, I tried to consult them and found their e-mail address on the YAC official site.

I wrote an e-mail to asked how to get rid of the irritating e-deals popup. I got a friendly mail advised me to upgrade YAC to the latest version and activate the AD BLOCK function.

Finally, the problem got solved.

Several days later, they followed up with an email, kindly asked me whether the problem was solved and if I have any advices on YAC.

However, I replied them why YAC has not a Dutch translation, not so convenient for me to use. I asked if there was a Dutch version available.

I got the answer that aDutch translation could not be offered temporary. I offered helping to make one.

Helping is in my nature. I put a lot of time in the translation. It is not easy to meet my high standards for translation.

Along with this experience, I could imagine how the YAC team took the efforts within YAC, making it as good software, especially with users experience as users speak different languages.

The YAC team offered me an activation code for the premium version as bonus in return. Hoping to see one day YAC could launch a version within the Dutch translation.

Finally I wish when people view the Dutch home page they can read it in clear Dutch instead of machine language.