New features for YAC version 5.8

Hey, all the YAC fans.

We are happy here to share you our new YAC 5.8 version. In this version, we have improved the ad block feature and made it more friendly and efficiently during its work

When you’re surfing the internet with the ad block feature on, you will absolutely not see any advertise and will be able to see the accurate position of ad on the current page which

makes the ad block feature clearer.



Like the screenshot shows, when YAC blocks an ad for you, the former ad position will show a container like this.

Once you click on the YAC logo, you will be able to see a detailed description of YAC ad block feature and more guideline.

YAC Ad Block, as a fully customized solution, also provides an option to disable.

You can just click the “Turn off” option button in the Ad Block session to get all ads back.

If you have any suggestions on this feature, please donot be hesitate to tell us your opinion via

YAC team is right here waiting for your voice.

YAC Team


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