A Thank You Letter To Our User: Furkan

On April 16, we received the feedback from your side who had some problems with your PC.

We wrote back immediately asking for more details and then received your quick response.

Since it was hard to describe the issue, you kindly agreed on our suggestion to see the real environment on your PC.

You  added me on skype on April 21 then the remote operation started immediately.

Our dedicated engineer Flhawker was responsible for this operation, with your carefully demonstration of problem, Flhawker understood the whole situation quickly and started his work.

After investigation, Flhawker found that all the files in your PC were infected, all the folders were hidden and were shown a fixed size thus the fact that folders had no size as normal. It took hours to remove the virus and restore all the infected files. During the whole remote connection, your were so patient and kept waiting without any complaint, we really appreciate your valuable trust and consideration.

As a young team, we know that we still have a lot of work to be done, and still do not good enough. However, since we get some many precious users just like youwho give our team and product totally trust and support, we will always contribute 100% energy to make YAC a much better product.

In order to express our appreciation for your kindly support and trust,  Furkan, I will send you one code for YAC VPN which costs $65.95, it is is just a small gift for your help and cooperation. I hope you will like it.

Thank you for your cooperation and kindness,Furkan. You provide us such a precious chance to overcome the issue for you and we feel happy to earn your trust.

Wish you all the best,my friend!  1111111111

Moe from YAC team


Above is a thank you letter for our precious user: Furkan.

As a young brand,YAC team will keep on fighting and serving all our users on our way to be a better product, welcome to become a member of YAC family!

If you have any suggestions about YAC, welcome to write to us: usersupport@yac.mx

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