One Letter from YAC Fan:Lain

I am writing to say *Thank You* for retrieving and forwarding my Activation Codes. I am a *BIG* fan of YAC and am 61 years of age, so I anticipate I have a few years yet to enjoy using the YAC software.

Also, congratulations to everyone on the fact that YAC is doing so well. It is a beautifully designed program, definitely the best and *smartest* I have used so far.

Here Is My Feeling About YAC Currently:

None *really* performed the way they claimed they would, and many of them simply did what you could do with Windows services anyway, just not at the click of a button, especially in early days.

YAC has been the *fastest* of them all, and most complete, i.e., when it came time to reboot. you could noticeably tell the speed had increased dramatically without viewing the screen report.

YAC is also not only intuitive, it is intelligent, ensuring that wanted programs that contain suspicious signatures don’t get erased and giving the operator an opportunity to say yes or no to a file clean request.A very welcome and *works better than the competitions* addition.

YAC overall seems to perform a more complete targeting of issues that impair speed and functionality than most other like-programs, and this was evident from the very beginning, existing in the FREE versions that could be used with WinXP and Win7.

Here Is My Wish For YAC In The Future :

If I could make a serious suggestion for YAC. Every single winning program out there has ruined its *likeability* with user by employing *overkill* when updating/upgrading their programs. They start out with a very good program, and then dump many extra features which is good if they are useful, but some of them are not, and this critically changes the format of the original program and making it unrecognizable to the version that original users liked and purchased. This results in the original user maybe purchasing one more version, sometimes accidently (auto signup for purchasing/renewal) and bailing at the first opportunity, going on to something else. Please don’t do that to YAC.

If you keep YAC user friendly, maintain at least some of its original GUI, and keep it *personal* (as you have introduced it), then you will have a better all-around success in satisfying customers. I speak as one of those out here in the ranks that actually *use* these programs, and I can say that most barely-technical types like myself feel the same way. We like continuity of the original experience. Oh, YAC also has a very good self-updating Anti-Malware addition. It was evident from the very beginning that the author(s) of YAC wanted to make an superior program and did so – beautifully! Definitely out-classes the competition! In closing, Thank You for your kind note. It was a surprise to hear from you, and I hope I have been of some assistance, however small,

Lain Jones YAC User

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