YAC Story-Corrado

My name is Corrado and I’m a premium user of Yet Another Cleaner.

Being travelling for several months, I had big problems of computer virus.

I bought this software YAC by surfing the net and asked user support for some help since I could not manage to remove the stubborn Cinema Video1.8V30.04 and HD4Good.

They reached me on skype first and suggested to launch a remote operation to solve it for me.

The agency asked an engineer to get in touch with me. He was so professional that after reaching my situation, he removed these viruses successfully in several mins.

I’m really grateful for this gesture (he was not obliged to do so). For this reason, I will remain faithful to their good services.

In the end of our communication, they told me that “Whenever you meet problems on your PC, please donot be hesitate to contact us!”

At the moment, I really want to thank for their kindness to help their users and their responsibility for work!

I will recommend YAC to all of my friends and I hope you will have a more and more bright future-YAC!


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