A Letter From YACVPN User:Luke

My name is Luke, one user of YAC VPN.

I used free YAC VPN for about 5 mins in the trail version and was very impressed by it. The speeds are about the same as my ISP gives me.

I also like the fact that that it gives me the spead that is coming through the VPN .. OK it’s a small thing but without that I would not have known i was on the VPN.

Then someday I found an activity from which I could get a free VPN code so I joined it without hesitation.

Here is so far my feedback about it:

It is absolutely awesome! I have used the VPN like I use my normal connection and cannot complain…. It lets me use youtube flawlsessly… plays games flawlessly…. everything with it is like my normal connection…

Good job guys! Hope you will make YAC VPN a better and better product for us!


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