To all users and peers of YAC,

First of all, we deeply regret about the MalwareBytes (MWB) – YAC Anti-Malware (YAC AM) incident in March 2015.

With the purpose of making a thorough protection to users and flagging out as more potential malware as possible, we took many measures while there used to be a problem in the operation procedure of YAC AM product, referring to the MWB’s scan results and recording it into YAC AM database based on the collected samples, which caused a negative influence and made MWB side feel uncomfortable. We feel so sorry about it and we deeply apologize for all the inconvenience it may bring.

We agree that all technological achievements should be respected. And the persons, who are responsible for the procedure and the product, have already been dismissed and the data related to MWB have already been removed both in the first time we received the email from MWB and we accept all users’ supervision on it.

For YAC AM product, it integrates a 3rd party scan engine-Avira and also has its own OEM to provide a better clean and anti-malware service. We hope to provide the most powerful tools to our users in removing any potential danger such as trojan, malware, virus and providing an all-round safe on-line experience.

YAC team respects every product and their teams in this industry. We promise we will follow the industry rules strictly and accept any supervision here. Welcome to be a supervisor of us!

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